The GARDANT GLOBAL family of companies can make your expansion a reality.

GARDANT’s SELLtoEU packages are flexible and are priced on a Firm Fixed, Time and Materials and/or a Success Fee model providing budget flexibility.

GARDANT’s Opportunity Identification, Pursuit and Proposal Development Strategies are proven and have supported over $260B of business growth on a global basis.

The most efficient and healthy way to scale and grow during these times of remote working, limited travel and Covid-19 restrictions.

SOLAIYA CZ’s Outsourced Administrative, Sales, Marketing and Distribution Infrastructure is your for a fraction the cost of building your own.

Do you want a EU Product Reseller?

GARDANT’s EU affiliate, SOLAIYA CZ, is a recognized value-added research & development organization offering a complete EU Expansion package that will support your corporate growth with personnel, facilities and processes.

Or your own EU based organization

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